GE17: A victory for progressive politics

A lot has happened in 24 hours but, in all practicality, not that much will actually change. Theresa May has refuted calls to resign and it is likely that by the end of the day she will have made a deal with the DUP - whether as a minority government, or part of a coalition, … Continue reading GE17: A victory for progressive politics


Feminist February – Round Up

If you hadn't already seen I've spent February reading a range of different feminist texts in order to learn more about the movement, diversify my reading and learn some intersectional feminist theory. Since the current political climate is looking dismal for women's and minorities' rights, educating myself is one of a number of things I … Continue reading Feminist February – Round Up

Confronting Mental Health Stereotypes

Recently I have been seeing and reading a fair amount on mental illnesses (specifically watching the film Side Effects, reading American Salvage for university and The Millenium series for pleasure, as well as researching mental health for work). Then I saw this video by The Guardian where Eleanor Longden talks about her experience with mental … Continue reading Confronting Mental Health Stereotypes