Feminist February 2018 Week 3

In case you missed it, I have decided to spend February reading exclusively on feminism! Check out the books I aim to read and the reasons behind my Feminist February Challenge.  This week was a slow reading week, just finishing the fantastic Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler, however this month I have been listening … Continue reading Feminist February 2018 Week 3


Books to read about Ireland

Recent news in the UK has brought Irish and Northern Irish politics to the forefront of British politics and front pages of our newspapers. For many people, the recent history of Irish politics will still be lived experience, but for those of us too young to recall, it may be something that school history hadn't … Continue reading Books to read about Ireland

Obama’s wise words for the west

Obama's comments on Saturday at the National Prayer Breakfast are words we should be paying very close attention to rather than criticising. While there is no doubt about the seriousness of terrorism on the world stage and the threat posed by Islamic State, Obama instead addressed the attitudes contributing to drastic increases in Islamophobia in … Continue reading Obama’s wise words for the west