Feminist February 2018

Last year I decided to run a challenge throughout the month of February where I read only books by and about women and feminist issues for the month. I chose to start Feminist February as a challenge because since Trump's inauguration the world saw the fight for gender equality regress years, yet at the same … Continue reading Feminist February 2018


Books to read about Ireland

Recent news in the UK has brought Irish and Northern Irish politics to the forefront of British politics and front pages of our newspapers. For many people, the recent history of Irish politics will still be lived experience, but for those of us too young to recall, it may be something that school history hadn't … Continue reading Books to read about Ireland

Confronting Mental Health Stereotypes

Recently I have been seeing and reading a fair amount on mental illnesses (specifically watching the film Side Effects, reading American Salvage for university and The Millenium series for pleasure, as well as researching mental health for work). Then I saw this video by The Guardian where Eleanor Longden talks about her experience with mental … Continue reading Confronting Mental Health Stereotypes