Picks of the Year so Far

We are over halfway through 2017 and I have read some wonderful novels so far, but what a


re the best releases from the front end of this year?
Here are my topic picks so far from 2017:

Three Daughters of Eve


Elif Shafak’s tale of a young Turkish woman who comes to study at Oxford is exquisitely written and was a wonderful exploration of faith, belief and doubt, in an age when the world is becoming more and more hostile to those who think and believe differently to themselves.

The Lauras Copy of Penscratch Size (1)

What if one night your mother packed you into the car, left home and took you travelling across America? This novel is a road-trip with a difference and has some touching explorations of family relationships and coming to terms with who you are as a teenager and young adult, not to mention one who doesn’t identify with binary gender norms.

Stay With Me

Yejide wants a baby. Yet, where she lives in Nigeria, having a baby and becoming a mother isn’t so much a choice as a central aspect of a woman’s existence. Pressures come for every angle, making the inability to conceive even more difficult to deal with. This novel deals with the consequences of these pressures on Yejide and her husband and it is utterly heartbreaking.

The Power

Copy of Penscratch Size (7)
This was my absolute favourite book – not just of this year either, it is in close competition as my favourite book of all time. Imagine if, overnight, women suddenly had a literal power that made them stronger than men. The world would quite literally turn upside down, but would it be the feminist utopia you would hope for? Read it to find out!

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Copy of Penscratch Size (1)
Roy’s long awaited second novel had serious hype – was it worth it? Absolutely! It was beautiful, epic and expansive, not to mention completely immersive in an entirely different culture. Reading this will instantly transport you but it also dealt with some really important issues relevant in the world right now.

So there’s a common theme in that all of these authors are women and are all dealing with relevant contemporary and feminist issues. However, beyond that there is a real spread of different topics and different issues. I’m not ashamed that my reading has focused so heavily on female authors as they still make up a much lower percentage of all of the books I have ever read. 2017 is definitely a good year to be rectifying this and I hope that the next 6 months of books are as good as the first.


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