Man Booker International Prize Round Up

The Man Booker International Prize winner will be announced tomorrow. While my TBR has taken over and I haven’t read much of the shortlist, here are my final musings on those in the running.

Fever Dream

Read with Book and Brew as a Shadow group for the prize, I am obviously a bit biased towards this one. We loved it, it garnered so much discussion, we all found it creepy and for such a short book, it really packed a punch, covering a lot of issues. Check out my review to see what you think.

The Unseen

This book sounded intriguing and is next on my shortlist TBR. When a book is set on an island, you don’t expect it to be off the coast of Norway and feature a family saga. With the interest in Nordic fiction this could prove a worthy competitor.

Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

A 40-plus woman is learning to drive for the first time – it doesn’t sound like compelling novel material but when you consider how it is all about shifting gear and taking control of your life this could be a pretty inspiring offering from the shortlist.


Oz’s newest novel explores politics, love and the age-old story of the traitor. I imagine this will be a complex read and will need a fair understanding, or some frantic Googling, on the  Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

A Horse Walks into A Bar

Despite being about comedy, this book has been described as ‘not remotely funny’ and as a difficult read. However, the setting in Israel and themes that are particularly relevant at this moment in history, it could be be a potential winner – reflected in its high odds.


Mathias Enard’s exploration of ‘Orientalism’ appears to be more academic musing than plot and as the longest book on the list, could prove a challenging read.

Overall, I am definitely rooting for Fever Dream alongside my book club, although it seems likely that Horse Walks into a Bar or The Unseen might pip it at the post.


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