The Late Shows

The Late Shows are a series of arts and culture events that happen across Newcastle and Gateshead over two night ever May. Dozens of venues in different locations participate, opening their doors later than usual to invite the public in to see, listen, make create and participate in any number of different activities.
There is literally something for everyone, whether you are a music lover, a fine art buff, or like to get stuck in. I’m the latter kind so my first stop was to Newcastle City Library which was hosting some glass painting upstairs, while a range of performances were going on downstairs.
I arrived a bit early and got caught up in the prep so ended up staying here a lot longer than planned. The glass painting, which was a communal effort, with everyone doing sections of a large Angel of the North, was really fun, and the classical performances on in the background were actually super relaxing, even though it isn’t what I would normally listen to.
When I finally finished up here I popped next door to the Laing Art Gallery where there was music in the bar and watercolour painting. Obviously I dived straight into painting, getting experimental with the effects of clingfilm and salt on the paint, and making friends with the lovely student who ran the session.
From here I hopped on a very handy shuttle bus over to the Biscuit Factory where I had a look round their new Summer exhibition. This gallery specialises in textile, sculpture and jewellery so it feels more like browsing a fancy shop than serious art, but it is all exquisite.
Stepping across the road took me to their sister venue, The Holy Biscuit, where there was a printmaking exhibition and demonstrations. Obviously I tried this out, making a gorgeous print whose design was based on two sycamore seeds.
A wander further down into Ouseburn took me to my last spot of the night, Northern Print. It was the first time I had ever been in and it was wonderful! I browsed the shop, and the prints around the studios, and took part in two activities – one was letter press printing and the other was drypoint etching. These activities were all based around ourselves – portraits and how we define ourselves, which was a lovely touch to the takeaways.
I probably still had time to visit another venue after Northern Print however, it was getting late and with a journey home still to go, I called it a night. However, it was a fantastic night, and I came away with loads of things I had made and new experiences which were so much fun.
I met tons of different people on the way, from kids, to students, to older couples out for the evening. It was heartwarming to see so many people engaging in arts and culture across my city, and it was amazing that I did all of this, in four hours, for free!
Here’s to a great Late Shows 2017, and looking forward to next year already!

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