Review: The Jungle Book

Disney’s series of remakes have been controversial among fans, with some stalwartly refusing to let go of their favourite animations and others desperate to see the stories updated for adults.

There is absolutely no denying these live action remakes are for adults who are still kids at heart, but so far that has not hampered the quality in the slightest, if anything improving it. The Jungle Book is no exception. The CGI is incredibly impressive, resulting in a visually stunning production which captures the landscape and changing seasons of the jungle with acute and precise emotion. 

The storyline is almost as perfect, closely referencing Kipling’s original story while also paying homage to the beloved animation by including versions of the songs ‘Bare Necessities’ and ‘I Wanna Be Like You’, which fit the modernised style well and obviously brought a wave of nostalgia to many viewers.

Incredibly impressive… visually stunning… with acute and precise emotion

The impeccable casting was the cherry on top. Elba was fantastically evil without running the risk of becoming a pantomime villain. Murray brought lighthearted humour to the table as Baloo, while Walken’s King Louie became an almost mafia-like gangster villain which was an interesting characterisation.

Neel Sethi as Mowgli however, was the one who stole the show. It could not be imagined how difficult it must have been to be the only actor appearing on screen, particularly at such a young age. His performance was sweet, moving and utterly believable, despite the fact that he was talking to wolves, panthers and bears. 

Overall this adaptation was beautiful, heartwarming, full of nostalgia and genuinely brilliant. If this is the standard which Disney are setting then I cannot wait for their next project. 


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